What Is An Attachment Of Earnings Order?

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What Is An Attachment Of Earnings Order?

This section covers attachment of earnings orders.

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Attachment Of Earnings Order

An Attachment of Earnings Order is where someone you owe money to applies to the County Court for an order to allow them to take payments direct from your wages.

However, Councils will apply to the local the Magistrates’ court to make an attachment of earnings order for enforcing payment of council tax arrears.

Attachment of Earnings can only be issued if you are employed and owe more than £50 to your creditors. The Attachment of Earnings Order lasts until the debt is satisfied in full.

If you have received notice of an Attachment of Earnings and need to know how it works, how it will affect your job and the amount you will have deducted from your wages, read our guide and get in touch if you need further help.

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How Does An Attachment Of Earnings Order Work?

If your creditor has issued a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against you and you have fallen behind with at least one payment, and you owe more than £50, your creditor can apply to the court for an Attachment of Earnings. Councils can also apply for an attachment of earnings order if you are behind on your Council Tax payments and they have issued you with a liability order.

If the Court is satisfied that you are behind on Judgement payments it will issue the Attachment of Earnings Order. It is presented to your employer and they are bound to deduct the payment from your wages then send the money to the court.

What Happens With An Attachment Of Earnings Order?

Once your creditor has applied to the court for an Attachment Of Earnings Order you will be sent an N56 form.

The N56 form is a means based form so you will be required to provide your name, address, employment details, your in-comings and outgoings, how many dependents you have and any other creditor commitments you have.

The N56 form allows you to offer a figure you can afford, you should complete this but be sure to include details of any other creditors and the payments you may have.

You must fill out this form and return it within eight days, along with a copy of your most recent wage slip.

If you have received a N56 form from the Court, our team can help you complete it correctly, call our FREE Helpline on 0800 564 22 11 (freephone, including all mobiles).

What Happens if I Don't Send The N56 Form Back?

If you don't send the N56 form back the Court will send bailiff to issue the form by hand. If you fail to return the form after that and the Court believes that you have received the form, they will issue a warrant for your arrest.

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